Field Work Party, Saturday, 2/27/2016

Updated Wednesday March 2, 2016 by Fremont Baseball Inc.

Please join the field work party this Satuday, 2/27/2016, 8am-2pm at Harvey Green Elementary baseball fields. If you cannot work the entire time span, please join us whenever you can even for just half an hour. Please wear your gloves and bring your tools if any, and review this to-do list before your arrival.

1. Pull weeds around the back stop
2. Find base plugs
3. Paint base lines
4. Find fence pole holes
5. Base rock under benches
6. Clean out equipment box

1. Pulls weeds around fence and bleaches
2. Find fence pole holes
3. Clean dug out
4. Paint dug out roof
5. Clean up bull pin
6. Infield clean up
7. Level out infield dirt
8. Sod cutter infield outfield line

Mustang & Bronco
1. Pull weeds around fence and bleachers
2. Clean dug out
3. Clean up bull pins
4. Infield clean up
5. Level out infield dirt
6. Sod cutter infield line, infield outfield line, warning track
7. Zip tie all signs
8. Mow

Equipment Shed
1. Straighten up
2. Lawn mower maintenance
3. Switch electrical outlet
4. Pull weeds
5. Fix field drags
6. Golf cart maintenance

Snack Bar
1. Fix drawers
2. Pull weeds

Outside fence line
1. Pull weeds
2. Mow
3. Fill puddles with dirt and base rock
4. Pick up trash
5. Install fence gate near mustang

Please email us if you have any questions. Thank you.