Changes in Registration Fees

Updated Thursday January 8, 2015 by Fremont Baseball Inc.

  • Changes in Registration Fees:
    • Fremont Baseball Inc has changed the registration fees to cover the fundraising requirements. The registration fee you expect to pay at check out will include the fundraising requirements of $130 per player. However, you could choose to participate in league wide fundraisers during the season to get up to $130 reimbursed per player. Otherwise the registration fee covers all fundraisers.
    • Please note that each team is also responsible for collecting a minimum of $450 in sponsorship to submit to the league, which is separate from the fundraisers. Please check out the FAQ section for more information.
  • Why is the fundraising requirement included upfront with the registration fee?
    • In the past, individual fundraising has been a difficult challenge for the membership as well as the Board of Directors. There were instances where members failed to meet their individual fundraising requirements either due to busy schedules or lack of fundraising coordination. Also, our busy Board Members were additionally burdened with tracking each member family and following up with them on their fundraising commitments. As a step towards improving our league, we recognized the inefficiencies of individual fundraising and have consolidated the traditional fundraising requirement of $130 into the registration fees. This will allow the Board of Directors to adequately budget spending for the upcoming season and to focus on improving the baseball experience for all members.
    • For member families that would like to participate in fundraising activities, they can participate in league wide fundraisers during the season and will receive up to $130 in reimbursements per player. If the upfront $130 inclusion is an inconvenience for your family, we apologize and have a "deferred payment program" available. For more details on this topic, please contact any FBI Board Member.