Rules FAQ

Updated Wednesday October 29, 2014 by Fremont Baseball Inc.

Rules FAQ

Are regulation baseballs used in Shetland?
Yes, in all divisions except Shetland. We use PONY regulation baseballs for all games. In Shetland we use a RIF or Reduced Injury Factor baseball. It has the same size as a regulation baseball but is much softer. Your child's first introduction to a regulation baseball will occur in the Pinto division.

Can I keep my child down in a lower division, or bring them up a division a year early?
NO, PONY rules do not allow this. If you wish to keep your child in a lower division for any particular reason instead of playing in the age group, you must write a letter to the board before tryouts.

Do the children pitch in Shetland?
No. For the first half of the season the children hit off of a batting tee. Towards the end of the season the managers or coaches may pitch the ball to their batters, depending on player abilities.

Do the children pitch in the Pinto division?
Yes, but not solely. In the Pinto division we use a combination player-coach pitch format. For the first half of the season, an adult coach will do the pitching. For the remaining season, players will do all the pitching. If while the players are pitching and the batter receives six pitches, the batter does not receive a walk. Instead, the pitching coach will come out and pitch till three strikes or the ball is put into play. Each year the combination player-coach pitch format is re-evaluated and is subject to changes that are approved by the league board of directors.

Does my Child need a protective cup?
Yes. All children participating in league play and practices must wear a protective cup. A special female cup is available for the girls at any sports store.

How often, and where, are the games?
Typically the games are every Saturday during the season, and on the average of once a week after daylight savings time. Since FBI is a must play league, every child will participate in every game.

If my child does poorly at the player evaluation session will he/she be cut?
In Mustang through Pony divisions all children participating in a player tryout will be placed on a team during the draft. There are extreme cases, where the league will contact and discuss with the parents, if the league feels your child could be hurt in the wrong division.

If my child is on the waiting list will he/she be invited to the player tryout session?
In the Mustang through Pony divisions only children on the active list will be invited to the tryouts. Players who register with league after their respective division is full will be placed on a waiting list. This does not mean your child will not be placed on a team. Every year children change their mind and quit soon after the practices start. Your child will be place on a team as soon as a spot opens up.

If my child is unhappy with the team he/she has been placed on, can he/she switch teams?
Only in extreme cases do we allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed. Such requests must be made in writing to the league's Board of Directors, who will review all requests and rendor a decision. You are also welcome to the meeting to make the request.

Is the Pinto division an instructional or competitive division?
This is the player's first introduction to competitive baseball but the primary focus of the Pinto division is instructional. We do keep track of the standings. This is where the competitive element tends to creep in. If you believe your child's manager or coach is becoming too intense and demanding of the children on the team please give us a call at 510-227-6300, or contact your division representative. We'll have talk with that team's coaching staff and instruct them to calm down and show more patience with the young players.

What are 'freezes'?
In the Mustang through Pony divisions managers are allowed to lock a returning players and options onto their roster prior to the draft. Managers must get written approval, as well as an application, from both the parent and the child before a child can be 'frozen' onto the manager's roster. The number of freezes is limited as a means of maintaining parity throughout the league.